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Attractions of Osaka, Japan

Osaka is located slightly west of the geographic center of the Japanese archipelago, and forms one of the two focal points of the country's dual urban center structure, along with that of Tokyo.
Osaka is a cosmopolitan city near the ancient capital, Kyoto, best known for its dynamic food and drinking culture, and famously outgoing people.

Takoyaki (“octopus balls”) in Osaka

The Osaka castle is one of Japan's most famous landmarks and it played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century of the Azuchi-Momoyama period
Osaka Castle

By air, Osaka is served by two airports: Kansai International (KIX) and Osaka International (ITM). It’s very easy to reach Osaka from a huge number of destinations in Japan and throughout the world

Osaka is just 27 miles (43 km) from the ancient capital, Kyoto. Various train lines connect the two cities – including the shinkansen (bullet train), a special rapid Japan Railways (JR) express train, and the Hankyu and Keihan Railways – making it a very easy trip
Bullet Train

Universal Studios Japan is located in Osaka is one of four Universal Studios theme parks, opened on 31 March 2001. Over 11 million guests visited the park in its opening year, making it the world's fastest amusement park to have achieved the 10 million milestone at the time
Universal Studios Japan

Shopping Districts

•           American Village (Ame-mura)

•           Den Den Town electrical goods shopping district

•           Dōtonbori

•           Namba

•           Shinsaibashi

•           Umeda (theaters, boutiques and department stores)

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