Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Renowned Speakers

1. Ahmed Bahnassy

    Keynote on : Nurses’ Satisfaction with the Use of Health Information System (HIS)
    in A Saudi Tertiary Care Medical Center

2. Adel Harb

   Keynote on : Developing Charge Nurses as Front Line Leaders through Transformative   

3. Ka Po Mak

    Oral Presentation on : Narrated experiences of nurse educator with high-fidelity

4. Thank-God Okosun

     Oral Presentation on : Collegiate nursing education & practice in Nigeria- Challenges 
     & Successes  

5. Cari Furst

     Oral Presentation on : Developing an Effective Morbidity and Mortality Conference
     for Operating  Room Nurses     
6. Catherine Chiwaula

     Oral Presentation on : Evidence-Based Decision Making in Nursing: A Concept

7. Toni Slotnes

     Oral Presentation on : Latent autoimmune Diabetes in Adults

8. Yacob Mathai

     Oral Presentation on : During fever, why our body acts against Facts of Physics?


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