Friday, 9 November 2018

Maternity Nursing

What is Maternity Nursing?
The skills that nursing students learn in this course prepare them with a high level of specialized skills. Maternity nurses provide both pre-birth and post-birth care for mothers and their new-born babies. Nursing students receive training to prepare them to help mothers and their families know what to expect throughout the pregnancy.  Nurses provide mothers with caring for their babies and themselves after delivery.
Maternity nurses also care for those who suffer miscarriages and those who choose abortion.  They provide these women with assistance to care for themselves.  Maternity nursing courses also train nursing students in medication administration for patients.  Other skills learned include identifying the sign of complications during delivery, checking the patient’s vital signs, checking the patient’s dilation level, and evaluating and managing pain.

How a Labor and Delivery Nurse Uses Maternity Nursing on the Job
Labor and delivery nurses use the skills learned in their courses to care for mothers and their newborns. Their concern is not only the physical well-being of their patients; they also provide emotional care for their patients. Labor and delivery nurses use their skills to help the mothers learn the best was to dress, feed, and change the babies.  They also use the skills they learn to help mothers wash their babies and feel a high level of comfort when holding their babies. Labor and nurse pass their knowledge on to mothers to help them determine the pros and cons of various baby-related issues.
Labor and delivery nurses use their skills to identify the appropriate technology and tools needed for a successful delivery.  They also must understand how to read monitors and reports as well as perform certain procedures to maintain the good health of the mother and baby. Labor and delivery nurses also learn how to monitor the mother and baby during all stages of the pregnancy and report any changes to the head nurse and doctor.


Mater said...

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Shabla said...

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Madi said...

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